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Practical example

As a result of the country’s commercial tradition, a way of dealing with planning and consultations has developed in the Netherlands that is very different from Germany. Quick reactions are essential in the field of trade. Dutch authorities and companies therefore still tend to plan less in advance today; on the other hand they are able to respond flexibly.

By contrast, the German tradition of craft trades and industry favours the precise planning and monitoring of individual steps, taking all eventualities into consideration. Dutch people often lose patience here because they have the impression that the Germans are worrying unnecessarily.


Communicating knowledge

In order to be able to react appropriately in unexpected situations, it is vital to understand the values that underpin a partner’s behaviour. The training will therefore give participants a deeper understanding of the other culture that goes far beyond learning rules of etiquette.

Learning how others see us

By reflecting upon their own cultural background, the participants also become aware of the impression they make on others. Only if we know the differences can we explain our own behaviour, make our expectations transparent and build bridges.

Finding individual solutions

The training sessions conceived by schürings kommunikation interkulturell relate to specific situations in everyday working life. Different possible solutions are worked out in a dialogue, so that every seminar participant can develop an individual approach and still remain authentic.

Varying methods

Varying methods and a vibrant working environment are essential elements of every training course. The participants at Ute Schürings’ seminars regularly praise the successful combination of professional knowledge, confident chairing of discussions (moderation) and an inspiring working atmosphere.