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Typical behaviour patterns

In many Eastern European countries, staff members never give their superiors unsolicited negative feedback. If there is a problem, the responsible manager only finds out by making repeated inquiries.

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So if you head a team in Ukraine, you must always have a clear overview of all processes at all times. It is up to you to collect the information you need – unlike in German companies, where feedback is expected of the responsible employees, especially if there are problems.


Recognizing behaviour patterns

You learn to assess when a partner’s unexpected behaviour is culturally determined, rather than a mere quirk of personality. You will be able to recognize when people have different expectations of how a situation should develop, enabling you to react appropriately – even in unexpected situations.

Saving time and raising motivation

Intercultural skills prevent misunderstandings and minimize friction. This saves a lot of time and significantly raises motivation.

Sustainable success

After the training you will have a tool box at your disposal that will enable you to operate with full confidence in an international environment and give you the basis for successful and trusting long-term cooperation.

Ideas for your future orientation

The international perspective will give you ideas that can inspire a new strategic direction for your own organization because it reveals how issues that are relevant to you are handled abroad.

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