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In the course of her work as a journalist and academic, Ute Schürings has built up a broad and extensive network including representatives from business and politics, journalism and market research, chambers of commerce and international organizations.

She collaborates closely with other trainers and is continuously extending her knowledge and honing her skills.


Franke von Oppen,
trainer and consultant

Marcus Dittberner,
communication consultant/designer





Ute SchüringsThe theme of cross-cultural differences runs like a thread through Ute Schürings’ career. One of her principal concerns is to build bridges and bring people together: she actively approaches the participants, takes their questions seriously, promotes contacts among them and supports the cooperation process.

Well-founded knowledge

Ute Schürings has a sound knowledge of intercultural communication based on her studies, her university teaching experience and her own practical work experience. On this basis, she can quickly and thoroughly familiarize herself with what your organization needs. The training and advice she provides are always based on state-of-the-art research and her own topical observations.

All services from a single source

You can benefit from these contacts and this experience while always dealing with the same person: Ute Schürings will look after you personally throughout the entire process – from the first conversation to drafting the seminar programme to leading and implementing the training sessions.