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Zwischen Pommes und Praline

“Well founded, but with none of the usual technical mumbo-jumbo,“
Thomas Claassen,
Rheinische Post

“A vibrant style,“
Prof. Dr. Friso Wielenga,
director of the Zentrum für Niederlande-Studien (Centre for Dutch Studies)


Beruflich in den Niederlanden

“Informative and full of insights,”
Dr. Gerd Busse,
Netherlands expert and author

“Convincing solutions,”
Tanja Holzhey,
Communications Department at MEE Zuid-Holland Noord, Leidschendam



Ute Schürings has published a number of articles and books on intercultural communication.


Zwischen Pommes und PralineBenelux. Politik, Alltag, Kultur und Geschichte.
Ch. Links Verlag, Berlin 2017
ISBN 978-3-86153-919-3

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Zwischen Pommes und PralineZwischen Pommes und Praline (“Between chips and chocolates”). Differences in mentality, the culture of negotiation and conversation in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Published by Agenda-Verlag, Münster 2003. - Currently out of print

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TrainingsprogrammBeruflich in den Niederlanden. (“Working in the Netherlands”). Training programme for managers, professionals and executives. Published by Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, Göttingen 2008 [with Boris U. Schlizio and Alexander Thomas].
ISBN 978-3-525-49141-6

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Andere Länder, andere Sitten. ("Different countries, different customs"). Corporate cultures in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Booklet for Vestas Central Europe Systems, 2010.

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