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Examples of programmes

The training sessions are individually designed and offered as in-house seminars. You specify the duration and relative importance of the various topics.

Here are some examples:

1. Seminar on Germany and the Netherlands (half day)
» download pdf, 44KB

2. Series of seminars on the Benelux countries/Central and Eastern Europe as target countries (5 x three hours)
» download pdf, 54 KB

3. Series of seminars on Germany and the Netherlands (3 x two days)
» download pdf, 113 KB

Group composition

Training courses are offered for homogeneous German-speaking (or other-language) groups, as well as for mixed groups with participants from different countries.


Unwritten rules

In order to be internationally successful, you should not only know the unwritten rules and conventions of your business partners abroad, but also be able to assess what effect your own behaviour has on others.

It is often the small things that are decisive: the tone of the first telephone contact, how the first meeting goes, entering into initial negotiations. This applies not only to distant continents, but also to neighbouring countries whose culture is often only similar to your own at first sight.

The following questions therefore need to be part of cross-cultural training: