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Sought-after expert

As the author of several reference books, Ute Schürings is now a highly sought-after speaker and expert for public events, interviews and expert panels on intercultural communication.




About Ute Schürings:

Ute SchüringsThe person behind schürings kommunikation interkulturell is Dr. Ute Schürings (d.o.b 1970), an experienced lecturer who has been working in the field of cultural differences for 20 years. She combines in-depth specialist knowledge with practical work experience in various countries.

As a research associate for several years at the universities of Oldenburg and Cologne, she studied cross-cultural issues, gave lectures and developed new seminar courses. Through her work as a journalist and writer she has built up a broad range of contacts at home and abroad.

Ute Schürings has been working as a freelance trainer/consultant on intercultural communication since 2008. She lives in Berlin, is married and has two children.

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